Workers' Compensation

  1. Who is required to carry workers′ compensation insurance coverage?

  2. How do I know if I am in the construction industry?

  3. What are the workers′ compensation provisions that apply to a limited liability company?

  4. My company is a limited liability company, are the LLC members covered?

  5. Does workers′ compensation cover my family members?

  6. My business has volunteers do I need to purchase workers′ compensation insurance coverage for the volunteers?

  7. I am an S corporation, am I subject to the law and do I need to carry workers′ compensation insurance?

  8. I am not required to carry workers′ compensation insurance under the law; however, my general contractor says that I need to provide proof of workers′ compensation insurance coverage. Can he do this?

  9. What procedure does a corporation need to follow in order to be exempt from the workers′ compensation requirements?

  10. Does the insurance policy that the employer purchased cover all liabilities in the state of Missouri?

  11. What is workers′ compensation insurance?

  12. Does an employer have to carry workers′ compensation insurance?

  13. What are the penalties under the new law for workers′ compensation fraud?

  14. How do I obtain coverage?

  15. How is workers′ compensation insurance priced?

  16. What is the period of Limitations to file a claim for compensation with the Division?

  17. When do insurers and third-party administrators have to report an injury to the Division?

  18. If I am a self-insurer, do I need a third-party administrator?

  19. Do I need to notify the Division of changes to my self-insurance program?

  20. I am an employer with multiple subsidiaries. Would my subsidiaries be covered under the same self-insurance authority as the parent company?

  21. How long does it take for an application to be processed? My policy expires soon and I want to be self-insured by the time it is renewed.

  22. The parent company and several subsidiaries are already self-insured. Do I need to resubmit the same data, such as the Third Party Administrator agreement, that applies to all the other entities? Will the application still take that long?

  23. What are the on-site safety audits?

  24. How much security is required to be posted? How is this amount calculated?

  25. Due to a corporate restructure, our current self-insured entity was merged out of existence, and a new entity was created. Will the new entity need to apply for self-insurance? Since the new entity has the same employees, can we transfer the security from the old self-insured entity to the new one? My broker does not have any problems with this.

  26. How do I get my security reduced?

  27. How do I get my security released?

  28. What forms of security are acceptable? What are the requirements for each?

  29. I keep getting a notice that my Excess Insurance Certificate is unacceptable. What is the Division looking for on the certificate?

  30. Our broker informed me that we can save money by increasing our self-insured retention. What is required for a retention increase?

  31. Our company has changed names/was bought out by another company? What do we need to submit to the Division?

  32. Does an individual self-insured employer incur any surcharges or taxes?

  33. What should I do if I wish to terminate my self-insurance authority?

  34. What is the excess insurance policy limit requirement?

  35. Are self-insured employers and groups allowed to handle their claims differently or pay different benefits than insurance carriers?

  36. My employer is self-insured. My weekly check is always late. What can I do?

  37. Is there a Guarantee Fund for groups?

  38. Who sets the premium amount for my group?

  39. What if my employer is no longer in business?

  40. What if my employer is no longer a member of the group?

  41. What if the group that my employer belonged to is no longer in business?

  42. Do I need to notify the Division of changes to my self-insurance program?

  43. What type of injuries might qualify for vocational rehabilitation?

  44. How are injured employees identified?

  45. How long does the plan cover?

  46. What does it cost?

  47. Will temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits continue to be paid?

  48. Can an employee refuse vocational rehabilitation?

  49. How is the jurisdiction or venue of a case determined?

  50. How do I use the auto-calculate Form Commencement and Termination of Compensation?

  51. Do I need to file a First Report of Injury on an Incident only case?

  52. What forms does the Division accept electronically?

  53. How do we file First Reports of Injury electronically?

  54. Why would an electronic First Report of Injury be returned to the sender?

  55. What are the benefits of filing reports electronically to the Division?

  56. How do I know if I am eligible for Physical Rehabilitation Benefits from the Second Injury Fund?

  57. How are the rehabilitation benefit amounts calculated?

  58. What is the maximum number of weeks allowed for this benefit?

  59. How much money will I receive if I qualify for this benefit?

  60. How often do checks for the rehabilitation benefit get mailed?

  61. What happens if I go to a facility that is not certified by the Division?

  62. How do I qualify for Second Injury Fund?

  63. How do I claim benefits from the Second Injury Fund?

  64. Do I need an attorney to file a claim against the Second Injury Fund?

  65. What happens after a claim is filed, and how long does it take for my Second Injury Fund case to settle?

  66. What is the status of my claim?

  67. How long do I have to file a claim against the Second Injury Fund?

  68. How are payments made?

  69. How much money will I get/how is the settlement figured?

  70. My attorney won’t return my calls. What can I do?

  71. May I come and pick up my check?

  72. I received an e-mail about a quarterly report that was due to the Division. What is this quarterly report for? We don’t write Workers’ Compensation policies. Why do I have to report?

  73. Do we have to report quarterly? Can we be exempt from reporting, since we don’t write workers’ compensation insurance?

  74. Where can I find the Affidavit of Zero Reporting? (Commercial Insurers Only)

  75. Can the Affidavit of Zero Reporting be faxed to the Division?

  76. If I am reporting $0s or have a credit balance for a quarter, do I still need to mail a hard copy to the Division?

  77. Where do I find my access code and ID number?

  78. Do I have to fill out the Electronic Partnering/Confidentiality Agreement?

  79. Does a new Electronic Partnering/Confidentiality Agreement need to be completed if the contact person changes?

  80. Can more than one person receive the e-mails from the Division?

  81. Does each contact on file with the Division have his/her own access code & ID number?

  82. How are the late penalty and interest calculated?

  83. What is considered late?

  84. Does the Division accept postmark dates?

  85. I report for more than one company. Can I send in one check for all the companies for which I am reporting?

  86. What are the historical Second Injury Fund Surcharge (SIF), Workers’ Compensation Administrative Tax and Workers′ Compensation Administrative Surcharge rates?

  87. How do I report retrospective policies?

  88. How do I correct a quarterly report form after I have submitted it electronically to the Division?

  89. Do we have to report quarterly? Can we be exempt from reporting since we don’t write workers’ compensation insurance?

  90. I have business locations in Missouri and Kansas. The Missouri location has 3 employees and the Kansas location has 5. I was informed that I didn′t have to have Missouri workers′ compensation insurance because I only have three employees. Is that correct?

  91. I am working for a company out of the state of Texas. A company representative told me the company has workers′ compensation insurance with Texas Mutual Insurance. Will this cover me in Missouri?

  92. I am representing a client who the insurance company is stonewalling. I can′t seem to get it to negotiate a settlement. If I file a complaint with the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit and the matter is then resolved, can I withdraw my complaint?

  93. I was looking at my pay stub and realized my employer is deducting money for workers′ compensation insurance. Can it do that?

  94. I was hurt at work and informed my supervisor about the injury. The supervisor refuses to file an injury report. Can the supervisor do this?

  95. I have an injured employee who is collecting TTD and is working at another job. Is this fraud?

  96. I have videotape of an injured employee, violating doctor′s restrictions. Has the employee violated Missouri′s workers′ compensation laws?

  97. I am a carpenter and was injured at work on Friday at a construction site and reported it to my supervisor. He asked me to wait until Monday to file an injury report because he doesn′t have workers′ compensation insurance. He said he would buy it today and I would be covered on Monday. Is that legal?

  98. I work for an employer who has 17 employees. She pays seven of us in cash, but I know she has workers′ compensation insurance. Is this legal?

  99. I recently hired a subcontractor to put a roof on a house I am building. I obtained a copy of its Certificate of Insurance (COI) for workers′ compensation insurance. My insurance company recently audited me and now I have to pay more in premiums because the COI was no good. Is there anything you can do?

  100. One of my employees is out on a workers′ compensation claim. She brought in an "off work" slip she said she got from her doctor. The form indicates she is to be off of work for seven days because of her injury. I called the doctor′s office and was told the doctor did not give her an "off work" slip. Is this a crime?

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