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Training: How long can an entry-level or on-the-job trainee be paid the 50% journeyman rate? What is the criteria to track the hours of progression for when these trainees should be paid the full journeyman rate?

The new law uses two distinct terms to describe workers involved in on-the-job training; “entry-level workers” and “federally-registered apprentices”. 

 “Entry-level workers” is not a defined term in state law.  It is a general term that describes less skilled workers such as any worker who is not a full journeyman and who is not enrolled in a federally-registered apprenticeship program. The new law does not mandate time limits or other criteria for “entry-level workers”. 

Federally-registered apprentices are those participating in programs administered by the U.S. Department of Labor and subject to their specific requirements.  See 29. U.S.C. 50 and 29 CFR 29.1-29.15.  

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