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  1. Am I covered if I believe that I was discriminated against because I am gay?

  2. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while I am receiving severance pay?

  3. Am I required to file the Missouri Quarterly Contribution and Wage Report electronically?

  4. Am I required to tell my employer about sexual harassment I am experiencing before filing a discrimination complaint with the MCHR?

  5. Are all hours reported for occupational titles being consolidated into one occupational title be added together to set a rate?

  6. Are benefits such as vacation, sick leave, and health insurance required?

  7. Are breaks or lunch periods required?

  8. Are my benefits taxable?

  9. Are self-insured employers and groups allowed to handle their claims differently or pay different benefits than insurance carriers?

  10. Are the mandatory rates for overtime and holidays based only upon the hourly rate or on the total hourly wage including fringe?

  11. Are there extended unemployment compensation benefits available?

  12. Are there two different Work Certificates?

  13. Are we more likely to have an OSHA inspection after we have used your service?

  14. Are Work Certificates required for employment?

  15. As a contractor, how do I obtain a copy of the prevailing wage rate for a specific project?

  16. As a Self-insured entity, do we have to report quarterly?

  17. As an employer subject to the provisions of the Missouri Minimum Wage Law, what records am I required to keep and how long should they be kept?

  18. As an insurance carrier that doesn’t write workers’ compensation insurance, do we have to report quarterly? Can we be exempt from reporting since we don’t write workers’ compensation insurance?

  19. At what age can a young person start working?

  20. Can a church advertise a position seeking a candidate who belongs to a certain religion?

  21. Can a person under the age of 18 be an independent contractor?

  22. Can an employee refuse vocational rehabilitation?

  23. Can an employer appeal a deputy’s determination?

  24. Can an employer pay an individual under 20 years of age less than the applicable minimum wage rate?

  25. Can an employer pay an individual under 20 years of age less than the applicable minimum wage rate?

  26. Can an employer reduce the wages of its employees?

  27. Can an employer refuse to hire me because I am pregnant?

  28. Can an employer require its employees to work more than eight hours a day or more than 40 hours per week?

  29. Can benefits be denied?

  30. Can contractors take credit for the fringes they pay on behalf of their employees if they pay prevailing wages? What about if they pay the public works contracting minimum wage (PWCMW)?

  31. Can deductions for the employer′s benefit (such as deductions for damage caused by the employee or for repayment of loans to the employee) be made from an employee's paycheck?

  32. Can I access my Form 1099-G from prior tax years on UInteract?

  33. Can I get an extension to file my brief in a workers' compensation matter?

  34. Can I get an extension to file my brief in an unemployment matter?

  35. Can I receive copies of my medical records?

  36. Can I use wages I earned in another state, the military, or the federal government?

  37. Can I work part-time and receive benefits?

  38. Can more than one person receive the e-mails from the Division?

  39. Can my employer fire me for missing work even if I have a doctor′s excuse?

  40. Can my employer talk to me any kind of way?

  41. Can the Affidavit of Zero Reporting be emailed to the Division?

  42. Can the Commission assist me in filling out the Form 8-B, Notice of Appeal to the Missouri Court of Appeals?

  43. Can volunteer activities affect my unemployment benefits?

  44. Do employers have to post a Minimum Wage poster in the workplace?

  45. Do I have to correct all hazards identified or implement all recommendations suggested by the consultant?

  46. Do I have to fill out the Electronic Partnering/Confidentiality Agreement?

  47. Do I have to let a pregnant employee work until she has a doctor′s release, or can I relieve her of her duties now?

  48. Do I have to pay for the transcript?

  49. Do I have to pay Missouri unemployment tax?

  50. Do I have to post the List of Hazards that came with my official report?

  51. Do I have to report family members?

  52. Do I have to report in person?

  53. Do I need an attorney to file a claim against the Second Injury Fund?

  54. Do I need an attorney?

  55. Do I need to file a copy of the Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service (FMCS) Form F-7 with the State of Missouri?

  56. Do I need to notify the Division of changes to my self-insurance program?

  57. Do I need to search for work?

  58. Do I use the wages paid by the previous owner of my business when figuring excess wages?

  59. Do individuals leaving their job to accompany their military spouse need to provide advanced notification to their employer in order to receive unemployment benefits?

  60. Do showing of interest cards expire?

  61. Do the administrative rules governing certification of certain public sector labor organizations conflict with the language of the new Public Sector Labor Law?

  62. Do you represent me?

  63. Does a new Electronic Partnering/Confidentiality Agreement need to be completed if the contact person changes?

  64. Does an employer have to carry workers′ compensation insurance?

  65. Does an employer have to furnish employees with a statement of deductions?

  66. Does an individual self-insured employer incur any surcharges or taxes?

  67. Does each contact on file with the Division have his/her own access code & ID number?

  68. Does Missouri require a blasting certification for mining companies?

  69. Does the Division accept postmark dates?

  70. Does the insurance policy that the employer purchased cover all liabilities in the state of Missouri?

  71. Does the law allow for annual wage orders to be changed once per year based upon hours worked under a collective bargaining agreement?

  72. Does the Missouri Minimum Wage affect salaried employees?

  73. Does the superintendent of the public school need to sign off on the work certificate even if the youth is a private or home-schooled student?

  74. Does workers′ compensation cover my family members?

  75. Due to a corporate restructure, our current self-insured entity was merged out of existence, and a new entity was created. Will the new entity need to apply for self-insurance? Since the new entity has the same employees, can we transfer the security from the old self-insured entity to the new one? My broker does not have any problems with this.

  76. How are benefits paid?

  77. How are injured employees identified?

  78. How are my benefits figured?

  79. How are payments made?

  80. How are the late penalty and interest calculated?

  81. How are the members of the Board selected?

  82. How are the rehabilitation benefit amounts calculated?

  83. How can I appeal to the Commission on unemployment cases?

  84. How can I appeal to the Commission on workers′ compensation case?

  85. How can I get a copy of the Form 1099-G?

  86. How can I get help finding a new job?

  87. How can I get information about my claim?

  88. How can I obtain a transcript of the hearing in a workers′ compensation case?

  89. How can I obtain a transcript of the hearing in an unemployment case?

  90. How can I obtain an unemployment verification letter?

  91. How can I reduce my tax rate?

  92. How can I request a work search waiver (recall date) for my employees who will be laid off on a temporary basis?

  93. How can I schedule a consultation to help me compile a proper mine safety and health program?

  94. How can the employer protest the claim?

  95. How do I adjust wages that I reported previously?

  96. How do I appeal a Commission decision in workers′ compensation?

  97. How do I change my contact information?

  98. How do I claim benefits from the Second Injury Fund?

  99. How do I correct a quarterly report form after I have submitted it electronically to the Division?

  100. How do I figure excess wages?

  101. How do I file a claim against the Victims′ Compensation Fund?

  102. How do I get a copy of my commission complaint file?

  103. How do I get my security reduced?

  104. How do I get my security released?

  105. How do I get set up to pay state unemployment tax?

  106. How do I know if I am eligible for Physical Rehabilitation Benefits from the Second Injury Fund?

  107. How do I know if I am in the construction industry?

  108. How do I make my weekly request for payment?

  109. How do I obtain coverage?

  110. How do I qualify for Second Injury Fund?

  111. How do I renew my claim?

  112. How do I report retrospective policies?

  113. How do I report workers who work in more than one state?

  114. How does moving out of Missouri affect my unemployment benefits?

  115. How does the Commission expedite hardship cases in workers′ compensation?

  116. How does the new law impact the ratio of journeymen to "apprentice" and "entry-level" workers and their rate of pay?

  117. How is eligibility determined?

  118. How is eligibility determined?

  119. How is the proper prevailing wage rate calculated for the wage order?

  120. How is the Public Works Contracting Minimum Wage (PWCMW) calculated?

  121. How is timeliness determined in filings before the Commission?

  122. How is workers′ compensation insurance priced?

  123. How long can an entry-level or on-the-job trainee be paid the 50% journeyman rate? What is the criteria to track the hours of progression for when these trainees should be paid the full journeyman rate?

  124. How long do I have to file a claim against the Second Injury Fund?

  125. How long do I have to file a complaint?

  126. How long does an investigation usually take?

  127. How long does it take for an application to be processed? My policy expires soon and I want to be self-insured by the time it is renewed.

  128. How long does it take to review an unemployment benefits case?

  129. How long does the plan cover?

  130. How many hours of training must I provide to a new mine employee?

  131. How much can claimants receive?

  132. How much money will I get/how is the settlement figured?

  133. How much money will I receive if I qualify for this benefit?

  134. How much security is required to be posted? How is this amount calculated?

  135. How much time do I have to correct Imminent Danger Conditions and hazards?

  136. How much time do I have to correct Serious hazards?

  137. How often do checks for the rehabilitation benefit get mailed?

  138. How should I report a probationary worker?

  139. How will my claim be evaluated?

  140. How, when, and where to submit or mail my Quarterly CW Reports, payments, and magnetic media?

  141. I am a carpenter and was injured at work on Friday at a construction site and reported it to my supervisor. He asked me to wait until Monday to file an injury report because he does not have workers′ compensation insurance. He said he would buy it today and I would be covered on Monday. Is that legal?

  142. I am a contractor for surface and underground mines. What type of training must I have?

  143. I am a contractor. Do I need training?

  144. I am an employer with multiple subsidiaries. Would my subsidiaries be covered under the same self-insurance authority as the parent company?

  145. I am an S corporation, am I subject to the law and do I need to carry workers′ compensation insurance?

  146. I am not required to carry workers′ compensation insurance under the law; however, my general contractor says that I need to provide proof of workers′ compensation insurance coverage. Can he do this?

  147. I am representing a client who the insurance company is stonewalling. I can′t seem to get them to negotiate a settlement. If I file a complaint with the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit and the matter is then resolved, can I withdraw my complaint?

  148. I am working for a company out of the state of Texas. A company representative told me the company has workers′ compensation insurance with Texas Mutual Insurance. Will this cover me in Missouri?

  149. I didn′t pay wages this quarter. Do I have to file a Quarterly CW Report anyway?

  150. I don't understand my rights and obligations. Should I consult with a lawyer?

  151. I filed a complaint with the EEOC or with HUD. Do I have to file one with MCHR too?

  152. I forgot my user ID and/or password for signing into my account. How do I reset this information?

  153. I have a videotape of an injured employee, violating doctor′s restrictions. Has the employee violated Missouri′s workers′ compensation laws?

  154. I have an employee who is on maternity leave. Do I have to keep her position open?

  155. I have an injured employee who is collecting TTD and is working at another job. Is this fraud?

  156. I have business locations in Missouri and Kansas. The Missouri location has 3 employees and the Kansas location has 5. I was informed that I didn′t have to have Missouri workers′ compensation insurance because I only have three employees. Is that correct?

  157. I have safety concerns for my workplace. Who should I contact?

  158. I hurt my back. Doesn′t my employer have to provide me with an accommodation?

  159. I just became a certified safety consultant/engineer. What do I need to do to maintain my certification?

  160. I keep getting a notice that my Excess Insurance Certificate is unacceptable. What is the Division looking for on the certificate?

  161. I made $12.30 per hour when the Missouri Minimum Wage increased. When my employer raised other people's wages to the minimum wage should I have gotten a raise also?

  162. I made a mistake when I filed my claim for unemployment benefits. How can I correct this?

  163. I no longer have employees. How do I close my unemployment tax account?

  164. I performed work on a particular project. Should I have received prevailing wages for the work performed?

  165. I received an e-mail about a quarterly report that was due to the Division. What is this quarterly report for? We don’t write Workers’ Compensation policies. Why do I have to report?

  166. I recently hired a subcontractor to put a roof on a house I am building. I obtained a copy of its Certificate of Insurance (COI) for workers′ compensation insurance. My insurance company recently audited me and now I have to pay more in premiums because the COI was no good. Is there anything you can do?

  167. I report for more than one company. Can I send in one check for all the companies for which I am reporting?

  168. I was hired for a position and when I reported to work, I was told that they had changed their mind. Is there anything I can do?

  169. I was hurt at work and informed my supervisor about the injury. The supervisor refuses to file an injury report. Can the supervisor do this?

  170. I was looking at my pay stub and realized my employer is deducting money for workers′ compensation insurance. Can they do that?

  171. I work for an employer who has 17 employees. She pays seven of us in cash, but I know she has workers′ compensation insurance. Is this legal?

  172. I work for an underground mining company. Do I have to work longer than eight hours a day?

  173. If a contractor knows of a wage violation (even though they didn’t win that particular bid), can they file a complaint against another contractor or against the public body granting the contract?

  174. If a public body were to split up a project into phases, each of them costing less than $75,000, would the prevailing wage apply?

  175. If a young person works for a parent, does the law still apply?

  176. If an employee is terminated when are his or her final wages due?

  177. If an employee quits his job, when are the final wages due to him?

  178. If an individual is leaving their job and relocating to accompany their military spouse in another state or country, would they be eligible for unemployment benefits?

  179. If I am a self-insurer, do I need a third-party administrator?

  180. If I am reporting $0s or have a credit balance for a quarter, do I still need to mail a hard copy to the Division?

  181. If I have an unemployment claim pending before the Commission, can I submit additional information?

  182. If I have to go to the doctor during my work shift, do I have to take leave time?

  183. If it is determined that I was not paid minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate, what steps will be taken to collect wages due me?

  184. If oral argument is allowed, how much time is allowed to argue?

  185. If the estimated cost for a public works construction project is $75,000 or less, but cost overruns actually push the cost to $80,000, should the public entity pay the prevailing wage or the public works contracting minimum wage (PWCMW) for the project? If so, should such wage be paid for the entire project or only for the part of the project over $75,000?

  186. If the federal minimum wage is less than Missouri′s minimum wage, what will happen if I decide to pay only the lower federal rate?

  187. Is a cafeteria plan reportable and taxable?

  188. Is an employee required to give his/her employer two weeks notice when quitting a job?

  189. Is certification required to work as a safety consultant in Missouri?

  190. Is Missouri a "credit reduction state"?

  191. Is my employer required to pay me for unused vacation if I lose my job or quit?

  192. Is there a charge for the consultation visit?

  193. Is there a dollar limit on claims?

  194. Is there a fee required for the safety consultant/engineer certification?

  195. Is there a Guarantee Fund for groups?

  196. Is there a limit on the number of medical examinations and evaluations?

  197. Is there a minimum dollar amount before a project is considered a public works project?

  198. Is there any exemption for the small business employer so I will not have to pay the Minimum Wage?

  199. Is vacation, holiday, or WARN pay reportable?

  200. Must I have an attorney to file an appeal to the Commission in unemployment?

  201. My attorney won’t return my calls. What can I do?

  202. My boss is treating me differently than other employees. I am constantly being yelled at, criticized and harassed. Is there anything you can do?

  203. My business has volunteers do I need to purchase workers′ compensation insurance coverage for the volunteers?

  204. My company is a limited liability company, are the LLC members covered?

  205. My employer is self-insured. My weekly check is always late. What can I do?

  206. Now that I have employees, what other agencies should I contact?

  207. One of my employees alleged she was injured at work. She brought in an "off work" slip she said she got from her doctor. The form indicates she is to be off of work for seven days because of her injury. I called the doctor′s office and was told the doctor did not give her an "off work" slip. Is this a crime?

  208. Our broker informed me that we can save money by increasing our self-insured retention. What is required for a retention increase?

  209. Our company has changed names/was bought out by another company? What do we need to submit to the Division?

  210. Section 292.675 requires 10-hour safety training stipulations in all public works contracts. Does Section 290.230(5) (that exempts public works projects valued below $75,000) have any impact on this requirement for training?

  211. Should a contractor report hours worked in the previous fiscal year or the previous calendar year?

  212. Should overtime be defined as work over 40 hours in a 7 day time period?

  213. The parent company and several subsidiaries are already self-insured. Do I need to resubmit the same data, such as the Third Party Administrator agreement, that applies to all the other entities? Will the application still take that long?

  214. To whom do I have to provide the records?

  215. What amount must an employer pay a tipped employee for hours worked over 40 in a workweek?

  216. What amount must an employer pay a tipped employee?

  217. What are my appeal rights?

  218. What are the on-site safety audits?

  219. What are the penalties under the new law for workers′ compensation fraud?

  220. What are the remedies to a discrimination complaint?

  221. What are the requirements for federal unemployment tax?

  222. What are the workers′ compensation provisions that apply to a limited liability company?

  223. What can I do if I believe I am not being paid the minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate?

  224. What do I do after starting a claim?

  225. What do I do if I believe my Form 1099-G is not correct?

  226. What do I do if I go back to work?

  227. What does an employee need to do to request a "Letter of Dismissal"?

  228. What does it cost?

  229. What does Mine Safety and Health Training cost?

  230. What forms of security are acceptable? What are the requirements for each?

  231. What happens after a claim is filed, and how long does it take for my Second Injury Fund case to settle?

  232. What happens after an employer files a protest?

  233. What happens if I am overpaid?

  234. What happens if I go to a facility that is not certified by the Division?

  235. What happens when I file a new claim?

  236. What if I am discharged?

  237. What if I am unable to correct one of the Serious hazards in the agreed upon time frame because of some complication?

  238. What if I am unhappy with my medical treatment?

  239. What if I believe my former employer is "black-balling" me when a potential new employer is calling for a reference?

  240. What if I disagree with the opinion of the consultant involving a suggested Serious hazard?

  241. What if I refuse to correct a Serious hazard that has been identified by the consultant?

  242. What if I try a new job, but it just doesn't work out?

  243. What if I want to settle my case rather than proceed to court?

  244. What if Missouri and federal child labor laws do not agree?

  245. What if my employer is no longer a member of the group?

  246. What if my employer is no longer in business?

  247. What if my medical bills don't get paid?

  248. What if my name changes?

  249. What if my unemployment benefits were applied to a prior overpayment?

  250. What if the group that my employer belonged to is no longer in business?

  251. What if the insurance company just refuses to provide medical treatment?

  252. What if the superintendent does not sign the work certificate because he or she is not familiar with the student?

  253. What information will be required from me?

  254. What is a "Showing of Interest"?

  255. What is a benefit claim?

  256. What is a benefit claim?

  257. What is a form 1099-G?

  258. What is a Mass Claim?

  259. What is a waiting week?

  260. What is an imminent danger condition, a serious or other-than-serious hazard?

  261. What is an overpayment?

  262. What is considered late?

  263. What is discrimination?

  264. What is Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)?

  265. What is Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)?

  266. What is familial status discrimination?

  267. What is included in my Form 1099-G from DES?

  268. What is the "Public Works Contracting Minimum Wage"?

  269. What is the Annual Wage Order?

  270. What is the Annual Wage Order?

  271. What is the Annual Wage Order?

  272. What is the difference between major repair and maintenance?

  273. What is the excess insurance policy limit requirement?

  274. What is the existing timeline for calculating the annual prevailing wage rate?

  275. What is the legal definition of sexual harassment?

  276. What is the maximum number of weeks allowed for this benefit?

  277. What is the meet and confer process?

  278. What is the minimum wage rate in Missouri?

  279. What is the minimum wage?

  280. What is the period of Limitations to file a claim for compensation with the Division?

  281. What is the prevailing wage?

  282. What is the process for filing a petition?

  283. What is the purpose of the Tort Victims′ Compensation Fund?

  284. What is the Shared Work Program?

  285. What is the status of my claim?

  286. What is the taxable wage base?

  287. What is Trade Adjustment Assistance?

  288. What is workers′ compensation insurance?

  289. What jobs are not allowable for 14- and 15-year-olds?

  290. What kind of questions shouldn′t I ask in an interview?

  291. What penalties can be assessed against employers?

  292. What posters are required to be posted by the MCHR?

  293. What procedure does a corporation need to follow in order to be exempt from the workers′ compensation requirements?

  294. What should I do if I wish to terminate my self-insurance authority?

  295. What should I do with my Form 1099-G amount? Do I need to pay the amount shown?

  296. What statutes and regulations exist regarding the State Board of Mediation?

  297. What type of injuries might qualify for vocational rehabilitation?

  298. What types of mining operations does the state of Missouri inspect?

  299. What will my tax rate be?

  300. When and for how long can benefits be claimed?

  301. When and how do I file an unemployment claim?

  302. When are the Missouri Quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports mailed?

  303. When determining the Prevailing Wage and PWCMW rates, are fringe benefits added to to the hourly rate?

  304. When do insurers and third-party administrators have to report an injury to the Division?

  305. When does overtime come into effect?

  306. When DOLIR computes both the hourly wage rate for each occupational title in each county and the ”public works contracting minimum wage” (PWCMW) in each county, are fringe benefits added to the basic hourly rate?

  307. When is the proper time to file a petition?

  308. When should I file a claim?

  309. When will I receive benefits?

  310. When will I receive my consultation visit?

  311. When will it be determined if the state minimum wage will increase or decrease?

  312. When will the new annual wage order containing the prevailing wage and the public works contracting minimum wage (PWCMW) rates be released?

  313. Where can I find a copy of the hearing schedule for prevailing wage objections?

  314. Where can I find the Affidavit of Zero Reporting? (Commercial Insurers Only)

  315. Where can I find the rules and regulations pertaining to the Commission?

  316. Where can I find the statutes that pertain to the Commission?

  317. Where can I get a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)?

  318. Where can I get additional information regarding the law changes?

  319. Where can I get copies of Commission decisions in prevailing wage objections?

  320. Where can I get mine safety training materials and forms?

  321. Where do I find my access code and ID number?

  322. Where does the Commission hear oral arguments?

  323. Where should I mail my Missouri Quarterly CW Report?

  324. Who are the current Board Members?

  325. Who are the members of the Commission?

  326. Who can file a representation petition?

  327. Who can I call with questions about my unemployment claim?

  328. Who gets to vote in a certifying or decertification election?

  329. Who has the burden of proving discrimination?

  330. Who is eligible to make a claim?

  331. Who is not eligible to make a claim?

  332. Who is required to carry workers′ compensation insurance coverage?

  333. Who sets the premium amount for my group?

  334. Who should receive prevailing wage rates?

  335. Who should sign the Application for Consultation Service?

  336. Whom should I contact for information on reporting wages by magnetic media?

  337. Why are Federal benefits (PUA, PEUC, FPUC, LWA) included in my Form 1099-G?

  338. Why can't I choose my own doctor?

  339. Why did I receive a postcard about Form 1099-G?

  340. Why do I have to travel so far for my medical treatment?

  341. Why will I need to provide information regarding my insurance and other benefits?

  342. Will my records be made available to the public?

  343. Will OSHA be notified that I have applied for the consultation service or have a visit in progress?

  344. Will other income reduce my benefits?

  345. Will temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits continue to be paid?

  346. Will the Commission on Human Rights, HUD and EEOC investigate my complaint?

  347. Will the employer be notified when a claim is filed?

  348. Will the employer be notified when a claim is filed?

  349. Would an individual be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if they relocated and left their job to accompany their military spouse who completed his/her service and is moving to seek employment elsewhere?

  350. Would an individual be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if they relocated and left their job to be with family members because their military spouse was called to serve overseas or elsewhere?

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