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FAQs for Missouri Department of Labor

This website contains Frequently Asked Questions and does not include specific claims information. If you have questions about an existing unemployment claim, please submit a request or call your Regional Claims Center (select Contact tab for phone numbers).

Knowledge Base

  1. Unemployed Workers 

    1. Benefits: How are benefits paid?
    2. Benefits: How are my benefits figured?
    3. Benefits: How do I renew my claim?
    4. Benefits: When will I receive benefits?
    5. Denial: Can benefits be denied?
  2. Unemployment - Employers 

    1. Appeal: Can an employer appeal a deputy’s determination?
    2. Benefits: What is a benefit claim?
    3. Benefits: How is eligibility determined?
    4. Benefits: How much can claimants receive?
    5. Benefits: When and for how long can benefits be claimed?
  3. Minimum Wage 

    1. Complaints: What can I do if I believe I am not being paid the minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate?
    2. Complaints: If it is determined that I was not paid minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate, what steps will be taken to collect wages due me?
    3. Legal: Can an employer pay an individual under 20 years of age less than the applicable minimum wage rate?
    4. Legal: What is the minimum wage rate in Missouri?
    5. Legal: Where can I get additional information regarding the law changes?
  4. Youth Employment 

    1. Legal: If a young person works for a parent, does the law still apply?
    2. Legal: Can a person under the age of 18 be an independent contractor?
    3. Legal: What if Missouri and federal child labor laws do not agree?
    4. Restrictions: At what age can a young person start working?
    5. Restrictions: What jobs are not allowable for 14- and 15-year-olds?
  5. Workplace Safety/On-Site Consultation 

    1. Certification: I just became a certified safety consultant/engineer. What do I need to do to maintain my certification?
    2. Certification: Is there a fee required for the safety consultant/engineer certification?
    3. Complaints: I have safety concerns for my workplace. Who should I contact?
    4. Consultation: Is there a charge for the consultation visit?
    5. Consultation: Who should sign the Application for Consultation Service?
  6. Wages, Hours & Dismissal Rights 

    1. Benefits: Are benefits such as vacation, sick leave, and health insurance required?
    2. Exiting employment: Is an employee required to give his/her employer two weeks notice when quitting a job?
    3. Exiting employment: Is my employer required to pay me for unused vacation if I lose my job or quit?
    4. Hours: Can an employer require its employees to work more than eight hours a day or more than 40 hours per week?
    5. Hours: When does overtime come into effect?
  7. Mine & Cave Safety 

    1. Inspections: What types of mining operations does the state of Missouri inspect?
    2. Inspections: How can I schedule a consultation to help me compile a proper mine safety and health program?
    3. Legal: I work for an underground mining company. Do I have to work longer than eight hours a day?
    4. Legal: Does Missouri require a blasting certification for mining companies?
    5. Training: How many hours of training must I provide to a new mine employee?
  8. Workers' Compensation - Fraud and Non-Compliance 

    1. Fraud: I have business locations in Missouri and Kansas. The Missouri location has 3 employees and the Kansas location has 5. I was informed that I didn′t have to have Missouri workers′ compensation insurance because I only have three employees. Is that correct?
    2. Fraud: I am working for a company out of Texas. A company representative told me the company has workers′ compensation insurance with Texas Mutual Insurance. Will this cover me in Missouri?
    3. Fraud: I am representing a client who the insurance company is stonewalling. I can′t seem to get them to negotiate a settlement. If I file a complaint with the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit and the matter is then resolved, can I withdraw my complaint?
    4. Fraud: I was looking at my pay stub and realized my employer is deducting money for workers′ compensation insurance. Can they do that?
    5. Fraud: I was hurt at work and informed my supervisor about the injury. The supervisor refuses to file an injury report. Can the supervisor do this?
  9. Workers' Compensation - Insurance 

    1. Basics: What is workers′ compensation insurance?
    2. Basics: How is workers′ compensation insurance priced?
    3. Basics: How do I obtain coverage?
    4. Basics: Does an employer have to carry workers′ compensation insurance?
    5. Basics: Who sets the premium amount for my group?
  10. Workers' Compensation - Medical Care 

    1. Legal: I don't understand my rights and obligations. Should I consult with a lawyer?
    2. Legal: If I have to go to the doctor during my work shift, do I have to take leave time?
    3. Records: Can I receive copies of my medical records?
    4. Treatment: Why can't I choose my own doctor?
    5. Treatment: Why do I have to travel so far for my medical treatment?
  11. Workers' Compensation - Proof of Coverage 

    1. Basics: Who is required to carry workers′ compensation insurance coverage?
    2. Basics: How do I know if I am in the construction industry?
    3. Corporations: What procedure does a corporation need to follow in order to be exempt from the workers′ compensation requirements?
    4. Legal: Does workers′ compensation cover my family members?
    5. Legal: My business has volunteers do I need to purchase workers′ compensation insurance coverage for the volunteers?
  12. Workers' Compensation - Second Injury Fund 

    1. Administration: Can more than one person receive the e-mails from the Division?
    2. Benefits: How do I qualify for Second Injury Fund?
    3. Benefits: How do I claim benefits from the Second Injury Fund?
    4. Benefits: What is the status of my claim?
    5. Benefits: How much money will I get/how is the settlement figured?
  13. Workers' Compensation - Vocational Rehabilitation 

    1. Benefits: How long does the plan cover?
    2. Benefits: Will temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits continue to be paid?
    3. Implementation cost: What does it cost?
    4. Refusal of Rehab: Can an employee refuse vocational rehabilitation?
    5. Qualifying injuries: What type of injuries might qualify for vocational rehabilitation?
  14. Appeals/Objections to the Labor Commission 

    1. About the LIRC: Who are the members of the Commission?
    2. About the LIRC: Where can I find the statutes that pertain to the Commission?
    3. About the LIRC: Where can I find the rules and regulations pertaining to the Commission?
    4. Prevailing Wage: Where can I get copies of Commission decisions in prevailing wage objections?
    5. Prevailing Wage: Where can I find a copy of the hearing schedule for prevailing wage objections?
  15. Tort Victims 

    1. Basics: What is the purpose of the Tort Victims′ Compensation Fund?
    2. Basics: Is there a dollar limit on claims?
    3. Basics: Do I need an attorney?
    4. Eligibility: Who is eligible to make a claim?
    5. Eligibility: Who is not eligible to make a claim?
  16. Discrimination 

    1. Accommodations: I hurt my back. Doesn′t my employer have to provide me with an accommodation?
    2. Basics: What is discrimination?
    3. Basics: How long do I have to file a complaint?
    4. Basics: What is the legal definition of sexual harassment?
    5. Basics: What is familial status discrimination?
  17. Prevailing Wage 

    1. Annual wage order: What is the Annual Wage Order?
    2. Annual wage order: Does the law allow for annual wage orders to be changed once per year based upon hours worked under a collective bargaining agreement?
    3. Annual wage order: When will the new annual wage order containing the prevailing wage and the public works contracting minimum wage (PWCMW) rates be released?
    4. Annual wage order: Should a contractor report hours worked in the previous fiscal year or the previous calendar year?
    5. Annual wage order: What is the existing timeline for calculating the annual prevailing wage rate?
  18. State Board of Mediation & Petitions 

    1. Board: Who are the current Board Members?
    2. Board: How are the members of the Board selected?
    3. Legal: What statutes and regulations exist regarding the State Board of Mediation?
    4. Process: What is the process for filing a petition?
    5. Process: Who can file a representation petition?
  19. All articles 

    1. Benefits: How are benefits paid?
    2. Appeal: Can an employer appeal a deputy’s determination?
    3. About the LIRC: Who are the members of the Commission?
    4. Accommodations: I hurt my back. Doesn′t my employer have to provide me with an accommodation?
    5. Inspections: What types of mining operations does the state of Missouri inspect?
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