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Treatment: Why do I have to travel so far for my medical treatment?

Sometimes it is necessary to travel to see a physician. In situations in which an employee is required to submit to treatment at a place outside of the local or metropolitan area from the employee′s principle place of employment, the employer is required to pay the necessary and reasonable expenses. In no event is the employer or insurer required to pay transportation costs of more than 250 miles each way from the place of treatment. If the injured worker resides outside of Missouri, the employer has the option of selecting the treatment at a location within 100 miles of the injured worker′s residence, place of injury, or place of hire by the employer. If you are concerned about having to travel too far for medical treatment, particularly if the travel is making your condition worse, talk to the insurance company about your concerns. If that doesn't help, you may request assistance from the dispute management unit or ask for a conference with an administrative law judge to discuss your concerns.

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