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Minimum Wage

  1. Complaints: What can I do if I believe I am not being paid the minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate?

  2. Complaints: If it is determined that I was not paid minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate, what steps will be taken to collect wages due me?

  3. Legal: Can an employer pay an individual under 20 years of age less than the applicable minimum wage rate?

  4. Legal: What is the minimum wage rate in Missouri?

  5. Legal: Where can I get additional information regarding the law changes?

  6. Legal: I made $12.30 per hour when the Missouri Minimum Wage increased. When my employer raised other people's wages to the minimum wage should I have gotten a raise also?

  7. Legal: Can deductions for the employer′s benefit (such as deductions for damage caused by the employee or for repayment of loans to the employee) be made from an employee's paycheck?

  8. Legal: Is there any exemption for the small business employer so I will not have to pay the Minimum Wage?

  9. Legal: If the federal minimum wage is less than Missouri′s minimum wage, what will happen if I decide to pay only the lower federal rate?

  10. Mandatory poster: Do employers have to post a Minimum Wage poster in the workplace?

  11. Records: As an employer subject to the provisions of the Missouri Minimum Wage Law, what records am I required to keep and how long should they be kept?

  12. Records: To whom do I have to provide the records?

  13. Records: Will my records be made available to the public?

  14. Tipped employees: What amount must an employer pay a tipped employee?

  15. Salaried employees: Does the Missouri Minimum Wage affect salaried employees?

  16. Tipped employees: What amount must an employer pay a tipped employee for hours worked over 40 in a workweek?

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