Unemployment - Employers

  1. What is a benefit claim?

  2. How is eligibility determined?

  3. How much can claimants receive?

  4. When and for how long can benefits be claimed?

  5. Will the employer be notified when a claim is filed?

  6. How can the employer protest the claim?

  7. What happens after an employer files a protest?

  8. Can an employer appeal a deputy’s determination?

  9. What penalties can be assessed against employers?

  10. What is a Mass Claim?

  11. What is the Shared Work Program?

  12. How can I request a work search waiver (recall date) for my employees who will be laid off on a temporary basis?

  13. What is the taxable wage base?

  14. How do I figure excess wages?

  15. Do I use the wages paid by the previous owner of my business when figuring excess wages?

  16. When are the Missouri Quarterly Contribution and Wage Reports mailed?

  17. Where should I mail my Missouri Quarterly CW Report?

  18. Whom should I contact for information on reporting wages by magnetic media?

  19. How should I report a probationary worker?

  20. Do I have to report family members?

  21. Is a cafeteria plan reportable and taxable?

  22. I didn′t pay wages this quarter. Do I have to file a Quarterly CW Report anyway?

  23. How do I adjust wages that I reported previously?

  24. How do I report workers who work in more than one state?

  25. Do I have to pay Missouri unemployment tax?

  26. How do I get set up to pay state unemployment tax?

  27. What will my tax rate be?

  28. Now that I have employees, what other agencies should I contact?

  29. Where can I get a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)?

  30. What are the requirements for federal unemployment tax?

  31. Is Missouri a "credit reduction state"?

  32. How can I reduce my tax rate?

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