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  1. I was hired for a position and when I reported to work, I was told that they had changed their mind. Is there anything I can do?

  2. Can my employer fire me for missing work even if I have a doctor′s excuse?

  3. My boss is treating me differently than other employees. I am constantly being yelled at, criticized and harassed. Is there anything you can do?

  4. I hurt my back. Doesn′t my employer have to provide me with an accommodation?

  5. I filed a complaint with the EEOC or with HUD. Do I have to file one with MCHR too?

  6. Can an employer refuse to hire me because I am pregnant?

  7. Can my employer talk to me any kind of way?

  8. What if I believe my former employer is "black-balling" me when a potential new employer is calling for a reference?

  9. Am I required to tell my employer about sexual harassment I am experiencing before filing a discrimination complaint with the MCHR?

  10. Can a church advertise a position seeking a candidate who belongs to a certain religion?

  11. What kind of questions shouldn′t I ask in an interview?

  12. Do I have to let a pregnant employee work until she has a doctor′s release, or can I relieve her of her duties now?

  13. I have an employee who is on maternity leave. Do I have to keep her position open?

  14. What posters are required to be posted by the MCHR?

  15. How long do I have to file a complaint?

  16. How do I get a copy of my commission complaint file?

  17. Do you represent me?

  18. What is discrimination?

  19. What is familial status discrimination?

  20. Am I covered if I believe that I was discriminated against because I am gay?

  21. Will the Commission on Human Rights, HUD and EEOC investigate my complaint?

  22. How long does an investigation usually take?

  23. What are the remedies to a discrimination complaint?

  24. What if I want to settle my case rather than proceed to court?

  25. Who has the burden of proving discrimination?

  26. What is the legal definition of sexual harassment?

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