Unemployed Workers

  1. What is a benefit claim?

  2. How do I file an unemployment claim?

  3. How is eligibility determined?

  4. I made a mistake when I filed my claim for unemployment benefits. How can I correct this?

  5. How are my benefits figured?

  6. I forgot my PIN when signing into my account. How do I reset my PIN?

  7. Can I use wages I earned in another state, the military, or the federal government?

  8. How does moving out of Missouri affect my unemployment benefits?

  9. When will I receive benefits?

  10. What happens when I file a new claim?

  11. Will the employer be notified when a claim is filed?

  12. Can benefits be denied?

  13. What if I am discharged?

  14. What are my appeal rights?

  15. What do I do after starting a claim?

  16. How do I make my weekly request for payment?

  17. How are benefits paid?

  18. Will I be charged fees when I use my Missouri Access MasterCard®?

  19. Are my benefits taxable?

  20. What is a waiting week?

  21. How can I get information about my claim?

  22. Can I work part-time and receive benefits?

  23. Will other income reduce my benefits?

  24. What if I try a new job, but it just doesn't work out?

  25. What do I do if I go back to work?

  26. Can volunteer activities affect my unemployment benefits?

  27. Do I need to search for work?

  28. How can I get help finding a new job?

  29. Do I have to report in person?

  30. How do I change my contact information?

  31. What if my name changes?

  32. How do I renew my claim?

  33. What happens if I am overpaid?

  34. What is an overpayment?

  35. What is Trade Adjustment Assistance?

  36. Are there extended unemployment compensation benefits available?

  37. Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while I am receiving severance pay?

  38. Who can I call with questions about my unemployment claim?

  39. Most Frequently Asked Unemployment Questions

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