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Workers' Compensation - Second Injury Fund

  1. How do I know if I am eligible for Physical Rehabilitation Benefits from the Second Injury Fund?

  2. How are the rehabilitation benefit amounts calculated?

  3. What is the maximum number of weeks allowed for this benefit?

  4. How much money will I receive if I qualify for this benefit?

  5. How often do checks for the rehabilitation benefit get mailed?

  6. What happens if I go to a facility that is not certified by the Division?

  7. How do I qualify for Second Injury Fund?

  8. How do I claim benefits from the Second Injury Fund?

  9. Do I need an attorney to file a claim against the Second Injury Fund?

  10. What happens after a claim is filed, and how long does it take for my Second Injury Fund case to settle?

  11. What is the status of my claim?

  12. How long do I have to file a claim against the Second Injury Fund?

  13. How are payments made?

  14. How much money will I get/how is the settlement figured?

  15. My attorney won’t return my calls. What can I do?

  16. I received an e-mail about a quarterly report that was due to the Division. What is this quarterly report for? We don’t write Workers’ Compensation policies. Why do I have to report?

  17. As an insurance carrier that doesn’t write workers’ compensation insurance, do we have to report quarterly? Can we be exempt from reporting since we don’t write workers’ compensation insurance?

  18. Where can I find the Affidavit of Zero Reporting? (Commercial Insurers Only)

  19. Can the Affidavit of Zero Reporting be emailed to the Division?

  20. If I am reporting $0s or have a credit balance for a quarter, do I still need to mail a hard copy to the Division?

  21. Where do I find my access code and ID number?

  22. Do I have to fill out the Electronic Partnering/Confidentiality Agreement?

  23. Does a new Electronic Partnering/Confidentiality Agreement need to be completed if the contact person changes?

  24. Can more than one person receive the e-mails from the Division?

  25. Does each contact on file with the Division have his/her own access code & ID number?

  26. How are the late penalty and interest calculated?

  27. What is considered late?

  28. Does the Division accept postmark dates?

  29. I report for more than one company. Can I send in one check for all the companies for which I am reporting?

  30. How do I report retrospective policies?

  31. How do I correct a quarterly report form after I have submitted it electronically to the Division?

  32. As a Self-insured entity, do we have to report quarterly?

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