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Filing: How do I make my weekly request for payment?

Make sure you have the following items available:

  1. Your Social Security Number and your PIN (Personal Identification Number).
  2. If you worked and earned wages during the week you are claiming, or you received or will receive vacation, holiday  or Workers Adjustment and Retraining Notification (W.A.R.N.) pay for the week, be sure you know the gross amount (total dollars and cents before any deductions) of the pay before you file. These wages will be verified with the employer(s). Related Links: Unemployment Benefits Calculator, Partial Unemployment Benefits Calculator
  3. If self-employed during the week for which you are filing, be sure you know how many hours you worked, even if you had no earnings. If you worked but had no earnings, contact your Regional Claims Center (listed below) for assistance in filing.

You can file your weekly request for payment online.

Online 24/7: Visit Log onto the claims filing system and answer the questions and click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation page to indicate your claim has been filed.

  • You must report all wages earned during the week even though you may not be paid until later.
  • You must report tips, commissions, bonuses, show-up time, and military reserve drill pay.
  • Board, lodging and any other payments not in cash or by check also must be reported.
  • If your income for the week is from self-employment or National Guard drill, you need to discuss this with your RCC each week. They will instruct you on how to answer.
  • You also must be able and available to work full time each day. This means no illness, injury, or personal circumstances would keep you from working during the week claimed.

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