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Work search: Do I need to search for work?

To be eligible for unemployment benefits you are required to complete at least 3 work search activities each week, unless directed otherwise by the Division. 

A work search activity is an attempt made to obtain employment or to resume work.  Any part-time work performed during the week also satisfies the completion of a work search activity on a per day basis.  For each week you make a Weekly Request for Payment of Unemployment Insurance benefits, you are required to complete three work search activities unless you are in approved training, have a definite recall date from an employer or are part of a Shared Work Program. 

Make sure your work search activity record is up to date in You may enter your work search activities during the week or when filing your Weekly Request for Payment.  After logging in, select Weekly Request for Payment and then select Enter Work Search Details. Click the Save button after each work search activity is entered. Failure to complete 3 work search activities may result in the denial of benefits. You may update your work searches anytime throughout the week, but you will still need to file your Weekly Request for Payment after the week has ended in order to receive benefits for the week.

Examples of Acceptable Work Search Activities:

Work search activities can be completed in various ways.  Some examples of valid work search activities include, but are not limited to

  • Part-time employment performed during the week credited on a per day basis. (Ex. – An individual works on Tuesday and Thursday of the week will be credited as having completed two work search activities).
    • Earnings from any employment during the week must be reported when a Weekly Request for Payment is made.

  • Missouri Job Center Assisted:
    • Accessing and searching for work on
    • Participating in a Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) appointment
    • Responding to a Missouri Job Center work referral
    • Participating in a Missouri Job Center workshop

  • In-person: 
    • Submitting a paper application for employment
    • Visiting employer(s) about job openings
    • Attending job interview(s)
    • Attending Job Fair(s)
    • Following up with employer(s) about job openings

  • Online: 
    • Employer Website (Completing web-application)
    • Virtual job interviews
    • Creating a personal user profile on web-based networking and job posting Sites (Ex. - Monster, Craig’s List, LinkedIn, Indeed)
    • Creating a reemployment plan
    • Creating a resume
    • Participating in online training during the week credited on a per day basis. (Ex. - An individual attends training on Tuesday and Thursday of the week will be credited as having completed two work search activities). 

 Union Member with a Hiring Hall:

If you are a union member with a hiring or referral hall, contacting your hall 3 times during the week or participating in union sponsored training is acceptable.

 Self-Employed (Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) or Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Claims only):

Self-employed individuals may satisfy the work search activity requirement by any of the methods described above to include recording any days worked during the week. Additionally, the self-employed may satisfy work search activities by performing such activities that aid them in their return to work in self-employment. Examples may include but are not limited to: 

  • Client Contacts
  • Advertising
  • Contract application including submitting bids or proposals
  • Attending training

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