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Filing: What happens when I file a new claim?

The effective date of your claim will be the beginning (Sunday) of the week that you file. The Division of Employment Security will mail you a form called Notice of Initial Determination of Status as an Insured Worker. Even if the form shows that you are an insured worker, it does not mean that you will receive unemployment benefits. This form will show:
  • Your weekly and maximum benefit amounts
  • The beginning date of your claim
  • Your base period
  • The amount of wages reported by each employer by quarter in the base period.

After your new claim is filed, you must begin filing weekly requests for payment and, if required, search for work.

If you believe wages are listed incorrectly, some of your wages are missing, or if you disagree with the effective date of the claim, contact your Regional Claims Center (RCC) by the date shown on the bottom of the form. Failure to respond by that date may cause you to lose the right to use these additional wages. You may need to provide proof of the correct wages, such as check stubs, W-2 statements, or other documents.

Even if you have asked the DES to look into the wages used on your claim, begin filing weekly requests and continue to file for each week you are unemployed.

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