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Protest: What happens after an employer files a protest?

A deputy gathers all facts in regard to the claim and issues a determination showing whether the claimant is disqualified or eligible to receive benefits. A copy of this determination is mailed to the employer filing the timely protest. If the determination results in a denial of benefits to the claimant for any reason, the employer will be notified of the date the claimant becomes eligible.

When the deputy′s determination disqualifies a claimant as a result of separation from work or because of refusal to accept work with the employer, the account of a contributory employer will not be charged with any subsequent benefits paid the claimant based on wages paid prior to the date of the separation or job refusal. There is no account charge protection for reimbursable employers. They will be liable for all benefit payments.

A deputy′s determination involving only an eligibility issue does not relieve any employer′s account of benefit charges for weeks outside the specific ineligible period.

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