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Records: Can I receive copies of my medical records?

Yes. Under the law, every hospital or other person that provided the medical care and treatment to the injured employee shall allow its records to be copied and to furnish full information to the Division or Commission, the employer, the employee or his dependents and to any other party to the workers' compensation proceeding. The Missouri Workers' Compensation Law does not address the copying costs that may be charged by the hospital or other health care providers. Pursuant to Section 191.227.2 RSMo, a health care provider may charge a fee for copying, in an amount not more than seventeen dollars and five cents plus forty cents per page for the cost of supplies and labor; postage, to include packaging and delivery cost; and notary fee, not to exceed two dollars, if requested. The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is required to report the annual adjustment and the adjusted fees that are authorized in Section 191.227 RSMo on its Web site.

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