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Treatment: What if I am unhappy with my medical treatment?

If you are unhappy with your medical treatment, or you think that you need a referral to a specialist or some additional testing, talk to the insurance company about your concerns. If that doesn′t help, you may request assistance from the dispute management unit or ask for a conference with an administrative law judge to discuss your concerns.

If you have filed a claim for compensation, you can ask that your case be scheduled for an evidentiary hearing (trial) to have the judge decide if the employer/insurer is required to provide you with additional medical treatment, such as specific testing, a referral to a specialist, or surgery. In rare cases, if the judge believes that the manner in which medical treatment is being provided may be endangering your health or recovery, the judge may allow you to select your own physician. The employee has the burden of proof on all issues, and medical evidence is required. For more information about these types of evidentiary hearings, read What to Expect If Your Case Goes to Trial.

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