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Treatment: Is there a limit on the number of medical examinations and evaluations?

Section 287.210.1 RSMo states: "after an employee has received an injury he shall from time to time thereafter during disability submit to reasonable medical examination at the request of the employer (or) his insurer". The only restriction on medical examinations is the word "reasonable". Multiple examinations may be reasonable when the employee has multiple injuries or conditions, or treatment continues for several years. Section 287.210.1 RSMo, also states that if the employee "refuses to submit to the examination or in any way obstructs it, his right to compensation shall be forfeited during such period unless in the opinion of the (judge) the circumstances justify the refusal or obstruction".

Section 287.143 RSMo states: "An employee shall submit to appropriate vocational testing and a vocational assessment scheduled by an employer or its insurer." Vocational testing and assessment are generally performed by "vocational rehabilitation counselors"; these persons are usually not physicians, but do have specialized training or experience in the area of vocational rehabilitation, job training, and placement. Vocational testing and assessment are usually done only in cases in which the employee is alleging that he is permanently and totally disabled (that is, no longer able to work at any job).

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