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S corp: I am an S corporation, am I subject to the law and do I need to carry workers′ compensation insurance?

Beginning January 1, 2018, a shareholder of an S corporation, as defined in subsection 1 of section 143.471, with at least forty percent or greater interest in the S corporation, may individually elect to reject coverage under this chapter by providing a written notice of such rejection to the S corporation and its insurer. Failure to provide notice to the S corporation shall not be grounds for any shareholder to claim that the rejection of such coverage is not legally effective. A shareholder who elects to reject such coverage shall not thereafter be entitled to workers' compensation benefits under the policy, even if serving or working in the capacity of an employee of the S corporation, at least until such time as such shareholder provides the S corporation and its insurer with a written notice that rescinds the prior rejection of such coverage. Any rescission shall be prospective in nature and shall entitle the shareholder only to such benefits that accrue on or after the date the notice of rescission is received by the insurance company.

Please contact your insurance agent or tax preparer to answer specific questions relating to the nature of your business operations, structure of the company and whether you are required to carry workers′ compensation insurance.

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