When will I receive benefits?

If you are eligible and there are no issues, you can expect payment of your benefits within 18-22 days of filing your initial claim. If there are any issues with your claim, payment may be delayed several weeks while an investigation is conducted. Benefits will not arrive on the same day each week, and the Division of Employment Security (DES) will not mail you a notice when they process. Your benefits are subject to federal and state income taxes. Contact the IRS for more information.The employers on which your claim is based, as well as your last employer are notified that you have filed a claim for benefits. These employers may protest if they have information they believe should keep you from receiving benefits.

Any situation that may keep you from receiving benefits is called an “issue”. If there is an issue, you will be sent a questionnaire or a notice for a telephone interview to give information about the issue. Even if you do not complete the questionnaire or participate in the telephone interview, a determination will be made based upon the information available.

After all issues are resolved, and if you are eligible for benefits, payments are usually made the next working day after your weekly request for payment is received. Benefits will not arrive on the same day each week. You will not be mailed a notice when payment is made. Use the DES website at www.moclaim.mo.gov or automated phone system to track payments and claim balance. There is never a fee for using the Division’s Internet or IVR system. For information on your Missouri Access MasterCard® balance, deposits. and other activity, go to www.mo-access.com (no fee) or call 888-775-3445 (three free calls per week then 50 cents per call). Payment information is normally available one or two working days after you file the weekly request for payment.

Unemployed Workers

  1. When will I receive benefits?
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