How do I renew my claim?

Your claim for benefits will become inactive if you do not file a weekly request for payment within 28 calendar days (four weeks) from the end (Saturday) of the last week you claimed. Your claim must be renewed or reopened if it becomes inactive. This must be done before weekly requests for payment can be filed. Whether filing by the Internet or telephone, your renewed claim will be started the Sunday of the week you file the renewal.

Internet: Visit Be sure to print and keep the confirmation page.

Telephone: The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System will answer your call. After entering basic information, you will speak to a claims representative. Be sure to have the name and address of your last employer, even if it was part-time or temporary, and the last day you actually worked. Call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If you have not filed a weekly request for payment for three weeks (21 calendar days) and you plan to claim the fourth week, call your Regional Claims Center (RCC) before 5 p.m. Central Time on Friday of the fourth week for filing instructions.

Unemployed Workers

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