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If it is determined that I was not paid minimum wage rate and/or overtime rate, what steps will be taken to collect wages due me?

The Division of Labor Standards will conduct an investigation to assure compliance with the minimum wage law. If it is determined that wages are due, we will attempt to collect on your behalf. However, Missouri does not have a wage collection law. Therefore, no state agency, including the Division of Labor Standards, has authority to pursue your claim for back wages for you through the courts. In instances where it is determined that wages are due, and we are unable to collect on your behalf, you will be notified of your right to bring a legal action to collect the claim yourself. An employer who pays an employee wages less than what they are due under the minimum wage law shall be liable for the full amount of the wage rate and an additional equal amount as liquidated damages, less any amount actually paid, and for costs and such reasonable attorney fees as may be allowed by the court or jury. For example, if you were underpaid $200, you could seek $400 plus court costs.

The time limit for all actions for the collection of any deficiency in wages is two years from the accrual of the cause of action. See 290.527, RSMo.  

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