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How do I obtain coverage?

You can purchase workers′ compensation insurance coverage from a private insurance company that is authorized to insure workers′ compensation liabilities in the state of Missouri by the Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI) or be granted self-insurance authority by the Division of Workers′ Compensation if you meet the requirements. . For employers seeking help finding competitively priced insurance, the DCI has developed an online rate checker to give the rates for all insurance carriers. You will need to have your 4-digit job classification codes available. If you cannot find an insurance company that will sell you workers′ compensation insurance, you may buy coverage from the state′s "assigned risk pool," through Travelers Commercial Casualty Company. Its toll-free number is 800-842-9346. If you are seeking to be an individual self-insured employer or to join a self-insured group of employers, contact the Division of Workers′ Compensation at 573-526-3692.

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