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As an insurance carrier that doesn’t write workers’ compensation insurance, do we have to report quarterly? Can we be exempt from reporting since we don’t write workers’ compensation insurance?

Your company may report once a year if you are not planning to write workers’ compensation premiums in the current calendar year. You will need to follow the link to the log in screen which is e-mailed to your company contact. The Affidavit of Zero Reporting is on the left corner of the login screen. After you complete and notarize the affidavit, you will need to e-mail it to The affidavit must be submitted by the 1st quarterly billing due date of April 30. Your company contact will continue to receive an e-mail notice from for each quarter saying that the quarterly surcharge report form is available for completion; however, if you have filed the Affidavit of Zero Reporting for the current calendar year, you may disregard the quarterly e-mails. Your company must complete and e-mail a new affidavit to the Division annually.

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