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I am a carpenter and was injured at work on Friday at a construction site and reported it to my supervisor. He asked me to wait until Monday to file an injury report because he does not have workers′ compensation insurance. He said he would buy it today and I would be covered on Monday. Is that legal?

No! First of all, any employer in the construction industry is required to carry workers′ compensation insurance if it has one or more employees. If your employer does not have coverage, it is non-compliant with Missouri′s workers′ compensation law and the Fraud and Noncompliance Unit would investigate that violation. When an employer applies for coverage it is asked about prior accidents. In most situations, if it admits to your injury, it won′t be covered under the policy it purchases on Monday. If it does not admit to the injury and then has you file a fraudulent claim on Monday, you and your employer could be committing workers′ compensation fraud.

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