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Fraud: I recently hired a subcontractor to put a roof on a house I am building. I obtained a copy of its Certificate of Insurance (COI) for workers′ compensation insurance. My insurance company recently audited me and now I have to pay more in premiums because the COI was no good. Is there anything you can do?

Yes, we would be interested in investigating this. We would check into two areas. First, we would determine if the subcontractor has workers′ compensation insurance. Second, we would investigate its submission of a false or forged certificate of insurance. Submitting an invalid certificate of workers′ compensation insurance is a class E felony. By avoiding its obligation to provide coverage it is denying its employees workers′ compensation benefits in the event they receive a workplace injury. In addition, it is making it more difficult for employers that obey the law to compete in the market by being able to underbid them on jobs.

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