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Unemployment - Appeals/Objections

  1. How long does it take to review an unemployment benefits case?

  2. How can I appeal to the Commission on workers′ compensation case?

  3. How can I appeal to the Commission on unemployment cases?

  4. How does the Commission expedite hardship cases in workers′ compensation?

  5. How do I appeal a Commission decision in workers′ compensation?

  6. Can I get an extension to file my brief?

  7. What is the Prevailing Wage?

  8. How can I obtain a transcript of the hearing in a workers′ compensation case?

  9. How can I obtain a transcript of the hearing in an unemployment case?

  10. Do I have to pay for the transcript?

  11. Must I have an attorney to file an appeal to the Commission in unemployment?

  12. How many copies of my brief should I send?

  13. How is timeliness determined in filings before the Commission?

  14. Where can I get copies of Commission decisions in prevailing wage objections?

  15. Who are the members of the Commission?

  16. Where can I find the Commission′s Statement of Policy regarding workers′ compensation appeals?

  17. Where can I find the statutes that pertain to the Commission?

  18. Where can I find the rules and regulations pertaining to the Commission?

  19. Can the Commission assist me in filling out the Form 8-B, Notice of Appeal to the Missouri Court of Appeals?

  20. If I have an unemployment claim pending before the Commission, can I submit additional information?

  21. Where can I find a copy of the hearing schedule for prevailing wage objections?

  22. Where does the Commission hear oral arguments?

  23. If oral argument is allowed, how much time is allowed to argue?

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