Until the new annual wage order is released in 2019, what rate should contractors and public entities use to calculate wages in the meantime?

The current wage order from 2018 will continue to be in effect until the new wage order is released in 2019.  The 2019 annual wage order will contain both the PWCMW and the prevailing wage rates in each locality.  

Since the new annual wage order issued by the Department of Labor will not be released until 2019 (as late as July 1st), public entities and contractors will not be able to determine if they must pay the Prevailing Wage or the PWCMW, since this will depend on whether or not 1,000 hours of work in a particular occupational title category in a particular county are reported.  The law provides that the existing wage order will remain in effect until replaced by a new one.

However, in some cases, the changes in the new law will take effect more quickly.  Click here for a breakdown of changes that are effective August 28, 2018.

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