When are State Board of Mediation forms due?

Pursuant to changes in the law that went into effect August 28, 2018, current public sector labor organizations (excluding those public safety and corrections unions carved out of the law) must file a Labor Organization Report (SBM-LM-1) and a copy of their constitution and bylaws by November 26, 2018.
Organizations will then file the following documents annually within 90 days of their fiscal year ending:

  • Any changes to Labor Organization Information Report (SBM-LM-1) or organization constitution and/or bylaws
  • Labor Organization Annual Report (SBM-LM-2)
  • Labor Organization Officer and Employee Report (SBM-LM-30)

The above forms will be available beginning September 17, 2018. 

For more information regarding changes pursuant to HB 1413, click here.

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