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Will I be charged fees when I use my Missouri Access MasterCard®?

To avoid any fees, we suggest that you set up Direct Deposit as your payment method using your current bank account or credit union.

To avoid withdrawal fees when using the debit card, you can choose to get cash back when making a purchase at many retailers and grocery stores. You receive one free withdrawal per calendar week (Sunday 12:00am – Saturday 11:59pm CST) from all Central Bancompany and MoneyPass ATMs. You will then be charged $2.00 each time you withdraw. The ATM owner also may charge you a surcharge fee for any transaction.

Alternatively, you can also take the card to a teller at any Central Bank branch location or any bank or credit union displaying the MasterCard acceptance mark for a cash advance. The advance carries a $5.00 fee. To find out if your bank accepts MasterCard, contact it directly.

All purchase transactions are free.

You can also set up an account online with MO Access and not be charged fees to view your card balance and activity. To set up an online account, go to: 



Purchase POS (PIN and Signature purchases)


Purchase POS with Cash Back (PIN purchases)


ATM Cash Withdrawal 1,2


ATM Balance Inquiry


Bank Teller Withdrawal Fee


Monthly Paper Statement


Electronic (ACH) Funds Transfer from Card to Bank Account


Customer Service Rep Calls


Text Alerts 3


Automated Voice Response 2

$0.50 per call

Replacement Card 4


ATM or Purchase Decline


Inactivity (charged monthly until the balance is $0 after 180 days of no activity defined as deposit, withdrawal, or purchase activity) You will only be charged if there is a balance in your debit account.


1 Indicates a surcharge fee from the ATM owner may apply
2 Indicates one free per calendar week (Sunday 12:00 a.m. – Saturday 11:59 p.m.)
3 Standard text messaging rates apply, check with your cell phone provider
4 Indicates one free per calendar year

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