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Unemployed Workers

  1. Benefits: How are benefits paid?

  2. Benefits: How are my benefits figured?

  3. Benefits: How do I renew my claim?

  4. Benefits: When will I receive benefits?

  5. Denial: Can benefits be denied?

  6. Denial: What are my appeal rights?

  7. Eligibility: How is eligibility determined?

  8. Eligibility: Am I eligible for benefits if I lose my job?

  9. Eligibility: Am I eligible for unemployment benefits while I am receiving severance pay?

  10. Eligibility: What if I try a new job, but it just doesn't work out?

  11. Eligibility: Can volunteer activities affect my unemployment benefits?

  12. Filing: What is a benefit claim?

  13. Filing: When and how do I file an unemployment claim?

  14. Filing: What is a "waiting week"?

  15. Filing: How do I make my weekly request for payment?

  16. Filing: Can I use wages earned in another state, the military, or the federal government?

  17. Filing: What happens when I file a new claim?

  18. Filing: Will my employer be notified when a claim is filed?

  19. Filing: What do I do after starting a claim?

  20. Filing: What do I do if I go back to work?

  21. Help: I made a mistake when I filed my claim. How can I correct this?

  22. Help: Who can I call with questions about my unemployment claim?

  23. Help: I forgot my user ID and/or password for login. How do I reset this information?

  24. Help: How do I change my contact information?

  25. Help: How can I get information about my claim?

  26. Help: What if my name changes?

  27. Help: How can I get help finding a new job?

  28. 1099-G: What is a form 1099-G?

  29. 1099-G: Why did I receive a postcard about Form 1099-G?

  30. 1099-G: How can I get a copy of the Form 1099-G?

  31. 1099-G: What is included in my Form 1099-G from DES?

  32. 1099-G: What do I do if I believe my Form 1099-G is not correct?

  33. 1099-G: Can I access my Form 1099-G from prior tax years on UInteract?

  34. 1099-G: What should I do with my Form 1099-G amount? Do I need to pay the amount shown?

  35. Other income: Can I work part-time and receive benefits?

  36. Other income: Will other income reduce my benefits?

  37. Other income: Is vacation, holiday, or WARN pay reportable?

  38. Overpayment: What happens if I am overpaid?

  39. Overpayment: What is an overpayment?

  40. Overpayment: What if my unemployment benefits were applied to a prior overpayment?

  41. Relocating: How does moving out of Missouri affect my unemployment benefits?

  42. Relocating: If an individual is leaving their job and relocating to accompany their military spouse in another state or country, would they be eligible for unemployment benefits?

  43. Relocating: Do individuals leaving their job to accompany their military spouse need to provide advanced notification to their employer in order to receive unemployment benefits?

  44. Relocating: Would an individual be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if they relocated and left their job to be with family members because their military spouse was called to serve overseas or elsewhere?

  45. Relocating: Would an individual be eligible to receive unemployment benefits if they relocated and left their job to accompany their military spouse who completed his/her service and is moving to seek employment elsewhere?

  46. RESEA: Do I have to report in person?

  47. Taxes: Are my benefits taxable?

  48. Trade Adjustment Assistance: What is TAA?

  49. Verification: How can I obtain an unemployment verification letter?

  50. Work search: Do I need to search for work?

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